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We look after a wide range of eye diseases. Please contact our team for any more information.


A cataract occurs when the natural lens in our eyes becomes cloudy. The cloudy lens scatters any incoming light and can lead to blurring of your vision, glare and faded colours. We offer cataract surgery where we replace the clouded lens with an implantable lens. Dr. Weng also specialises in complex cataract surgery and advance intraocular lens implantation techniques. This includes toric and multifocal intraocular lens. Contact us now and we can help determine if this surgery is right for you.


Retinal detachment is a sight threatening condition where the light detecting layer (retina) separates from the wall of the eye. With timely surgery, Dr. Weng and his team can help prevent blindness from retinal detachment. Please get in touch urgently if you are having symptoms of retinal detachment which may include new floaters, flashing lights, shadows in your vision and sudden loss of vision. We use the very latest techniques and equipment for this surgery, which may involve vitrectomy and/or silicone buckling. Dr Weng will discuss the most appropriate surgical approach with you at the initial visit.


Macular hole is an uncommon condition where a little hole develops in the centre of the most sensitive part of your light detecting layer (retina). Patients with macular hole will be troubled with distortion and reduced vision. Dr. Weng specialises in repairing macular holes and will be able to advise you on the best course of action.


Epiretinal membrane occurs when a thin membrane forms and wrinkles the light detecting layer of your eye. This usually results in troublesome distortion and reduction in vision. Surgical removal is very successful and the only treatment option. Please make an appointment to see Dr. Weng to determine if surgery is right for you.


The commonest cause of visual loss in our community, age related macular degeneration occurs as a result of wear and tear of the macula (the centre most light detecting layer in our eye). Our clinic provides personalised and timely treatment of wet macular degeneration in our purpose built treatment rooms. We use the latest medications to treat the condition including Eylea® and Lucentis®. Contact us today for your very own personalised treatment plan.


Our clinic provides the full range of diabetic eye disease management. Dr Weng and his team will provide you with personalised advice, monitoring, diagnosis and treatment options (including laser). Dr. Weng also specialises in cataract surgery for diabetes, as well as complex surgery for complications that may arise from diabetic eye disease.


While our clinic specialises in the aforementioned conditions, we are able to provide comprehensive eye care and provide our expert opinion on your eye health. These conditions include: glaucoma, dry eye, blepharitis, eyelid surgery.

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